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J. Cortès is a global family run company with a passion for cigars. Cigars in all shapes, textures and finishes, covering the process from A to Z. Our challenge was to share that passion with a beautiful flagship website.


Content StrategyInformation ArchitectureVisual DesignCreative DirectionFilm & Photo ProductionCopywriting

We set out to create a website that would tell their unique family story of cigar making and give insight into the commitment involved in the manufacturing process. Collaborating with the J. Cortès team through workshops, we helped to define the content strategy, user experience and visual design for the responsive website.

To portray the full journey, our film and photography production team travelled from Belgium to Sri Lanka and Nicaragua to capture company stories and give a look behind the scenes. We worked closely with the whole J. Cortès family and employees to produce tailor made content that captured their personality and dedication .

“Working with Cnocspot was like smoking a cigar: you enjoy it from the start to the end! The Van Parys brothers and their team are hands-on creative masterminds.“

Frederik Vandermarliere, CEO J. Cortès Cigars

As the site came to fruition, we made sure to maintain J. Cortès’s core brand attributes, but pushing a clear, simple and human aesthetic. We refined the visual language with the application of typography and color.


J. Cortès Cigars

Our Approach

Research & Conceptualization

First we took a deep dive into the world of J. Cortès through interviews and spending time at their different factories. It's a great way to get a sense of the company culture and all the beautiful little stories. Then we organised a workshop with the CEO and a mix of people from marketing and export as well as the tobacco buyers. We co-created the experiences principles, information architecture which would drive our content production. 

Content Creation

Content creation lays at the centre of our design process. Driven by the strategy developed in phase 01, we set up film & photo productions in the J. Cortès factories in Belgium, Sri Lanka & Nicaragua. Simultaneously we decided on the tone of voice and started writing the copy.

Design & Development

With our created content available we started the visual design: choosing fonts and color palettes, we began putting the puzzle together. We then worked closely together with our development team to translate this design in smooth code.

Our team

Pieterjan Van Parys / Wouter Van Parys / Brik De Maeyer / Jessica Gysel / Jef Boes

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